17 February 2011

All change isn't good!

Change when it's positive can be a wonderful thing! However, when a person changes (usually for all the wrong reasons) the outcome is very seldom a good one. For example, you shouldn't change for a potential mate. Be yourself....the TRUE you will surface at some point and all that you "worked" for will probably be lost. Why would you want to be with someone who doesn't like YOU for you??? That's just a set up for failure. Other times people change or shall I say put up a FRONT for an extended amount of time, but again....the true characteristics and personality will always resurface in one way or another. I have the gift of "smelling" bulls**t a mile away! And I'm happy for this sense. I've noticed quite a few people falling short of who they say they are or claim they are lately. You can only be fraudulent for so long. I'm just glad I have seen the light. People have changed BACK to old ways and it's sickening! But hey....that chick KARMA....she handles all that kinda stuff. Best believe she might not get you right away, but she's coming for you. BELIEVE THAT!!!


lil miss Sauniya' said...

so true... well said :) xx

Reggie said...

This is true.