07 December 2009

Still standing....

So I realized that once again I have been slacking on this here blog. So many other places on the net take up my time that I seriously neglect these neck of the woods. So what's been going on..... it's gotten super cold...SUPER QUICK and I'm not feeling it. I despise this time of the year...having to warm up the car (which requires allowing extra time in the morning), scraping ice and whatever off of windows and windshields, crappy weather ruining plans, slick roads, etc. It's not my cup of tea. That's why I don't like having a winter birthday. You can never really plan for it. Especially not in V-A. One year it was almost 80 the week before my birthday and then cold as ever ON my birthday. Go figure. Speaking of my bday, I'm slacking this year on making plans. Usually everything is set and in place by November. Now it's Dec. and I have no clue what I want to do. All I know is...it's gonna be a different game plan than my usual. I'm ready for something NEW!

I had a strange experience with a psychic a few weeks ago. So strange that I try not to even talk about it anymore. I didn't GO see a psychic....I was in Walmart shopping and she randomly starts talking to me. It began with talking about my shirt and then she starting in on me and later on my mother. Trust, I believe there are TRULY clairvoyant people, but I also believe there are wayyyy more fakes. So I don't entertain nonsense. I didn't even tell her anything. That's what most of em do, they let you TELL them stuff and they basically tell you the same thing back. So I just nodded or said nothing. So after telling me alot of things that were very specific and hit close to home...she asks if me or my mother is having problems with our stomach. I'm like UHHH NO. My mom is like no. So now I'm like okay..time to go..she's nuts. She is insistent that I call her the next which I had no intentions of doing, but she keeps mentioning a stomach issue. Well the next day....low and behold my stomach drama begins. Now believe me..I ignored this lady and all she said. Wrote it off and never gave it anymore thought...until 3 days later...I'm in serious pain from my stomach...nauseous..and just OVER IT and my mom jokes about the psychic. Long story short, I end up having to go to the doctor on the 4th day. Couldn't even go to work....str8 to the doctor....and was given a prescription for stomach spasms and other drama. It was crazy. I'm over it and no longer going to that Walmart. LMAO.

...... so I just had a brainfart and forgot half of what I wanted to speak on. Guess I'll come back later when it comes back to me. LOL

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