07 September 2009

Who's Real, Who's Fake!?!?

This is a topic that has come up ALOT in the conversations of me and my friends. It's alot of FRONTIN' going on these days. ESPECIALLY on the internet. Some people are allowing the absence of person to person contact to give them a false sense of esteem, power, and security. I feel sorry for the people who are being fooled more so than those who are doing the faking. For instance, there are more and more DOCTORED up pictures, as well as, STOLEN pics being posted and passed around. I remember I had a pic stolen way back when. I don't even get the point. Thankfully a friend of mine noted that the person said they lived in Michigan or something and that they were only 5'4. You can clearly tell from my full pics that I am NOT short at all. I kindly got a bunch of my guy friends to contact this broad and let her know that they knew the REAL ME..and I also contacted her and had this long drawn out message about the legal action I was taking and how her IP address had been tracked and some more *ish*. Needless to say, it didn't take long for the pics to be removed!. It's crazy, what joy do you get out of lying to YOURSELF and others about who you really are? You like getting attention based on something that you are NOT!? That's that bulls**t!
Then you got all of these internet gangstas, goons, and thugs/thugettes. *smh* Some I personally know that talk alot of good game via chats, Facebook, and Twitter knowing full d**n well when confronted in REAL life....away from the keyboard and monitor, things would NOT play out that way. But hey, if it makes them sleep better at night knowing that they just TYPED some "tough" stuff online..I guess let them do them, right!?!? I just find it amusing to say the least. The pics I could post or examples I could give to prove otherwise...buttttttttttttt nope, then I wouldn't have any entertainment.
I pride myself on being real. Too real for some. Yea, how is that possible? Well because I'm blunt and brutally honest, I'm seen as mean or evil. It's funny to me. The same thing that makes OTHERS say that....makes my REAL friends love me. I stick up for mine and do what I can for those who matter. That'll never change. If I don't value YOU or our friendship/relationship, then trust and believe you ain't getting naddaaaaaaaaaaa from me. :-) Speaking of...I am treating a few of the homies to an outting in Oct. to see Rickey Smiley. Just a little something to show my appreciation for the talks, laughs, good times, and help that each of them have provided. It should be a fun night!!
My holiday weekend was merely an extended weekend full of nothing special. I did some shopping but that's about it. Nothing else went according to plan...which is usually how it goes. Again...people be faking! If you aren't going to do something...be man enough or woman enough to let someone know that things have changed. If you aren't planning to do it at all, then don't EVER say you would/could. BE REAL!!!! How hard is it? Seriously!?!?


Eb the Celeb said...

I pride myself on being real too... cant stand fake people and glad I have to power to be able to point them out and remove myself from their presence. I like to call them bullshit artists

Miss Toya said...

I agree 100%. I can't stand it. I def. have a 6th sense for locating said bullshitters!!!