23 March 2008

I know........but do they know

So it's been like a month. I don't realllly remember what I said in the last blog and I don't feel like going back and then finishing this up. Soooooooooooo with that said, off the dome, let's see....Since that last time, I have had a reaction to some medicine which led to Hives. The only good part about it is..my nurse was a male...whom I've been dying to have be my nurse cuz he's kinda cute. HAHAHA! I've also had 2 bladder infections...and my headache issue is starting to come back ever so slowly. Go figure. I did get a promotion @ work. Pretty much...I'm as high as I wanna go..for now!! My job duties haven't changed persay. I can't seem to get rid of the pesky duties that I truly want to rid myself of though.

Jigga (aka my child) has been getting meaner and meaner. Probably my fault...but that's all good. He must've been super depressed when I went out of town earlier this month because he was fine when I first got home, but the next day..he wouldn't eat. Wouldn't walk...just slept. It was insane. He had an attitude for the longest. I guess now I'm stuck taking him with me whenever I go out of town.

I haven't been doing much this month...chillin, spendin' time with the fam. April will be a busy month. Got alot planned and tentatively scheduled. We'll see how much actually goes according to plan. I know one thing, I have like 11 vacation days already and not 1 day planned off yet. I will NOT let it go to waste. Believe that.

Let's see...what else went down this month?? I reunited with a very close friend. :-) I became closer to an already established friend. I grew apart from a few others. So I guess everything balanced out. LOL I decided to start working out a lil bit...well more like a lot of bit. I lost 9 lbs in 6 days. I'm definitely focused and motivating MYSELF for the most part. I got a few outfits I need to fit like they used to. LOL They fit..but ummm..things don't fall into place like that have in the past.

I think that about does it for today's entry. If anything else comes to mind. I'll come add it back when I come back to add my smilies. LOL

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