20 March 2007

Day I Won't Forget (still haven't forgotten)

It's been 10 years......10 years since I wrote this..and 10 years since this day occurred (give or take 12 days).....but it still feels fresh on the brain. So I'm reposting this poem (as well as a few others from my past).....keeping the thoughts alive!!!

Day I Won't Forget

It was a day that started great
And ended very wild
No day like this ever existed for me
Not even as a child

The events of the day
Really started years before
Because of certain circumstances
That left alot of hearts sore

The love had been so great then
Before the year of change
When lives were destroyed
When thoughts and feelings got rearranged

On this day alot of feelings
Were lost and seemed not there
Because of the letter I wrote 2 months ago
It might've appeared I didn't care

Two months we hadn't spoken
But I saw you the day before
As me and my homegirl were cruising
And we passed by the store

Had I known then
What would go down this night
When asked if I wanted to stop
I wouldn't have said "nah, that's aight"

But this day I was hangin out
New friends I was making
But around eleven o'clock at night
I learned, your own life you had taken

People say I'm holding it all in
Because I've never cried
"You two were so close"
But my feelings I didn't hide

Some things we can not change
Like to whom we are born
So we must accept what happens
And keep moving on 

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