28 February 2007

T.I. knew what he was talking about...

..when he said "U Don't Know Me". It's crazy how you think you know somebody and then something comes up or what not and their TRUE persona shines through. People talk a good game, walk a good one...but push come to shove...everything comes to light. But just like I might THINK I know someone...they obviously don't know ME either. People always trying to get over and think they are getting over, life is too short for the bull*ish*. I'm sick of having people in my corner just taking up space. You aren't doing either of us a favor by perpetrating. Be yourself. Got a problem with me, mine, or anything pertaining to me..then STEP! Don't think that I NEED you, because believe me... I don't. Life goes on, I'ma still inhale, exhale, eat, sleep, and shit...with or without you around. It's 2007 and people still on some immature, kiddie *ish*. Let's GROW up and act our ages people.

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