19 February 2006

New locations...new entries

So I decided to take down my Xanga. Long story that won't be in THIS blog. ;-) That move landed me here at BlogSpot.

So anywayz, moving on to my life. I had a ball last night at the club with my homegirl and her cousin. Niccas were acting like niccas which is always a pain in the ass. They never fought but it came pretty darn close. I am so sore today from dancing so much. The lady fixed my drink horribly. Got a "Tongue in your panties". Should've tasted more peach..all I could taste was vodka.

My baby {name removed} called me 3 times yesterday. OMGGGGGGGGGGg You know I am so in shock. I sent him a pic and a lil video clip that I made for him telling him that I love him. Cuz as I've said so many times. I really do. He is my best friend. We've grown really close recently because he is finally truly opening up to me with his feelings and thoughts. I now understand why he's done and said some of the things he has. Out of fear of changing things..he holds back sometimes. I hate that..but I do understand it. I am usually that way also, but not with him.

Hung out with my homie,Chris, on Friday. That is always interesting and fun. I fell asleep on him (not ON him..well on his shoulder)...I was tired. It was like 3 am b4 he left. I slept a lil late on Sat. because of it.

Tonight I am going to the circus. Then I may be going to the club. Not quite sure yet. I'll have to come back with an update on that.

Well that about does it for now...I'll holla!!!!

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